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Do Quantum Computers have Any Significance in the Modern World? (Essay Sample)


DISCUSS about quantum computers in the current world. INCLUDE AT LEAST ONE SOURCE recently published. USE APA REFERENCING STYLE. your essay must have hook, introduction, thesis statement, topical sentences, and conclusion. your ideas must be coherent with no grammatical errors. also, your work must not be plagiarized.


Do Quantum Computers have Any Significance in the Modern World?

Do quantum computers have any significance in the modern world? Technological advancements have resulted in the generation of quantum computers that use qubits instead of bits. These computers are best suited to solving complex problems than supercomputers. Quantum computers are prone to losing information to the surrounding, hence need close monitoring and assessment. Despite the significant challenges in maintaining a suitable environment for optimal operation, quantum computation has recently gained popularity in the United States since it uses the fundamental laws of quantum physics to increase computing power.

In the United States, quantum physics plays an integral role in quantum computing during problem-solving. Technological advancements have resulted in the inception of quantum computers that are more powerful than ordinary ones. Quantum computers incorporate quantum physics in the quest to solve particular problems (IBM, n.d.). In most cases, supercomputers are used in the current world, but specific complicated problems are solved better using quantum computers. Quantum computers readily make big multidimensional spaces meant to solve complex problems. So, quantum computers use quantum physics to solve intricate problems quickly.
Quantum computers are transforming mainstream computation in the majority of scientific fields. It is worth noting that quantum computers encompass qubits that give room for storing and handling the quantum superposition of data. Quantum computation entails a rudimentary transition from how people process information conventionally (Alexeev et al., 2021). Quantum computing significantly helps in solving intricate problems in the modern scientific world. Quantum computation uses qubits that are faster than ordinary bits. Notably, quantum computers have compelling problem-solving abilities, hence significant in the contemporary world.

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