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Future Impact of Technology on our Lives (Essay Sample)


Future Impact of Technology On Our Lives
Explanation of how technology will affect our lives in the next twenty years


Future Impact of Technology On Our Lives
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Future Impact of Technology On Our Lives
Technology has been advancing tremendously since the industrial revolution and is expected to advance even further. As it advances, our lives also change in different ways, both negatively and positively. Even though there have been negative impacts of technology, the benefits outweigh the drawbacks. Today, technology is very significant in our lives in many ways. It makes almost everything easier to accomplish and ensures that we live a better life every day. While technology is already making a positive impact in our lives today, it will enhance it further in many ways within the next two decades.
One of the ways technology will enhance our lives is by improving education. Technology is currently revolutionizing the education system by making teaching and learning easier. As a result, many institutions are increasingly adopting technology in their systems. Hence, in the next twenty years, almost all institutions will fully incorporate technological tools such as computers, smartphones, and the internet to enhance teaching and learning (Raja & Nagasubramani, 2018). Through these tools, students will access educational materials online and share information among themselves easily. On the other hand, instructors will find it more convenient to deliver lectures through telecommunication networks and help students in many ways remotely. Most importantly, education will be more affordable and accessible to everyone worldwide due to internet technology that will allow remote learning.
Technology will also make our lives much better by enhancing health care. The health care system requires much attention to ensure better patient outcomes which can be enabled through technological advancement. Scientists are currently working on artificial intelligence (AI), which can be used to create drugs and design treatment plans faster than the traditional methods (Mitchell & Kan, 2019). Virtual reality is also becoming a common tool for training future surgeons and established surgeons to practice operations (Mitchell & Kan, 2019). Other technological products such as healthcare trackers, medical sensors, robotics, nanotechnology, and genome sequencing are also being implemented in the health care industry. Due to their importance, these tools will be fully developed and adopted to enhance health care in the next twenty years. With better health care, we will experience more fulfilling lives and increased life expectancy.
Lastly, technology will make our lives much better by enhancing economic development. The economy will run more efficiently through robotics, artificial intelligence, data mining, and other technologies (Zhao, 2020). Advancement in technologies such as AI and robotics will enable more productive business operations due to reduced errors and increased efficiency in the production processes (Zhao, 2020). Consumers will, therefore, benefit from more superior goods and services while business owners will enjoy increased profits. Government en

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