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Global warming Technology Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


What is global warming and its EFFECTS?


Global Warming
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Global Warming
Global warming has become a controversy over the past few years in the whole world. With man becoming more industrialized, then global warming has become a significant challenge year by year. People have tried to talk about the situation and keeping others in the loop of what global warming is and the effects that it can cause on the human race. Global warming has continued and will keep on continuing with the ignorance that most people have put on the matter. The changes that have occurred by the effects of global warming have caused people to see that a change is required.
To understand global warming and its effects, then one has to know what it is first. According To NASA’s records, global warming has been said to be the increase of temperatures on a particular surface for a certain period (NRDC, 2016). So many factors bring about global warming. The question is what factors are these that cause global warming. The most known factor is the increase of carbon dioxide emissions into the air. This is mostly as a result of industrialization. Many factories emit carbon dioxide as they run. Cars are also not so far in the release of carbon dioxide as the diesel or petrol they use is burnt to produce the energy used in making the car move, and also carbon dioxide and water are produced. Many reports done by the United Nations show that carbon pollution is the leading cause of the ecological crisis (UN Climate Change Conference, 2020).

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