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Hazards Of Electricity And The Need For Proper Handling Electricity (Essay Sample)


hazards of electricity and the need for proper handling electricity when using it to avoid risks associated with it.

Electricity Hazards and safety measures Student’s Name Institutional Affiliation Electricity Hazards and safety measures Despite the essential employment of electrical hazards in the day to day operation, electricity can sometimes be known among so many individuals as a silent killer since it is essentially invisible (Komendantova et al., 2016). In some instances, it can destroy unlimited number of properties if not handled appropriately. In nature, it is essentially invisible and it is recognized as a very serious hazard at institutions, commercial and residential areas. For instance, Komendantova et al., (2016) argues that in 1800s, a number of hotels had to placer signs that a sure their customers that electricity cannot harm them but as the time developed, the electricity sign changed from harmless to electricity is a hazard. Moreover, the presence and the usage of electricity in the modern are is increasing at a very high rate and in the process, it is important to note that the more an individual uses electricity, the higher the chances of electrical hazards. As individuals continue emphasize on the significance of electricity, so should they try to establish ways of increasing electricity awareness. In other words, it is not recommended for individuals to be too young to understand issues of electricity safety. Apparently, Thacker, Pant, & Hall, (2014) argues that around 35000 electricity hazards are known to occur each and every year most of which can be reduced or avoided if simple electricity safety measures are taken into consideration. In simple terms, the employment of electricity for either home use or commercial use is something that so many people take for granted, but using it in a safe way is also important (Thacker, Pant, & Hall, (2014). Therefore, by comprehending what electricity is and the manner in which it operates, then it is possible for individuals to play their part in preventing electricity hazards (Komendantova et al., 2016). As such, a hazard can be explained as anything that can act as a potential or actual threat the welfare of equipment, people, environment or machinery. Furthermore, electricity hazards can be acknowledged as something that can be measured or predetermined to be of a potential source of electricity danger such as electricity gadgets, naked wires and unprotected installation among others. Exposure Risk of electric hazards On one hand, the injuries and fatalities which are in one way or another related to work normally results from arch flash, electricity which is generated and lastly lightning. During the passage of electricity through be body during a hazard, heat could be generated and this could result into arrest of the cardiac, skin burn and other complications to organs of the body (Thacker, Pant, & Hall, 2014). The severity of the injury caused by the exposure to the electricity can be determined by victim’s status of health, voltage of electricity, exposure duration and the current path, just to mention but a few. The following statistics in the USA are provided for such cases of electricity hazards: There were close to 6000 fatalities which were related to electricity between the year 1992 and 2013. Contacts with electric current was ranked on the top ten causes of the fatalities from 2003 to 2010. Close to one hundred electricians died in the year 2014, an increase from (Thacker, Pant, & Hall, 2014) the casualties that were witnessed in the previous year of electric hazard related cases. The cases which are related to the generation of electricity can be witnessed whether a worker comes into contact with electrical equipment, not necessarily the real electric current as it has always been associated like high voltage flow. When one touches an electrical appliance that is connected to an electric source, they could be shocked, that is, electricity flowing through them towards the ground. This makes them to act as path ways to the flow of electricity in a given direction and hence the shock (Komendantova et al., 2016). This should not be ignored because even a small current that is drawn from a low-watt bulb could be as fatal as a huge amount of current that flows through a person, paralyzing it. Moreover, it has been established that an AC current is quite dangerous than a DC current and thus should be handled with care. Another case of electric hazard is the arch flash. This is the case where a given amount of time leaves the designed path that it is meant to travel and then moves through air, from one conductor to another. This kind of flash can actually cause fire and thus destroy a very big area, an indication that it can as well cause a very big damage. Out of this, the intensive heat and pressure could present a very serious risk to the health of the present workers as well as those who may be standing by the region that the fire is spreading towards. Signs and Symptoms Most of the injuries caused by electricity are always debilitating and this makes them to have a dramatic effect on the individuals’ productivity and quality of life as well. In the event that one does not die, an electric shock might result into unconsciousness, contraction of the muscles, fracture of the bones or dislocations not to mention respiratory paralysis to the various organs of the body that are vital for functioning of the body (United States., 2009). At the same time, a fall from the some height due to shock of electricity, injuries might result and thus care need to be taken to avoid such cases of mishandling power. Exposure to electric current flow may also cause loss of memory, irritability and other behavioral changes within an individual. The end result could severe and might include: heart beat that is irregular, pain in the chest and back, swallowing problems and vision, headaches, breathing difficulty, numbness and seizure. On the other hand, electric arcs has got the ability to cause loss of hearing, injuries to the eye and severe burns. However, the physical lightning differs from man-made electricity in terms of damages that they are likely to cause. Most of the injuries that are serious could involve cardiac arrest, hypoxia, not to mention the neurologic injury (Komendantova et al., 2016). In the moderate to mild cases, prickling sensation, discomfort of musculoskeletal and irritability might be the signs electric shock. These could be eliminated in one way or another to ensure that people are safe from such hazardous effects of electricity and thus the reason. Prevention of hazardous effects of electricity In the process of working and generally handling electricity, various applicable standards on handling of electricity and safety precautions as given by the manufacturer should actually be followed (Komendantova et al., 2016). Right from the pre-planning, it is important to note and identify all the electric sources that would be used during the whole period of construction and thus look for ways of mitigating such issues when they come. We can look at a very simple safety tips that can help improve the quality of life of the individuals who are handling electricity. These can be grouped: Overhead Lines safety measures Any overhead line must be assumed to contain very high voltages and hence lethal. This way, the wires are thus not safe to be touched whether it is down or appears to be insulated. In the case of a falling wire, the utility company within the area should be reported to so that they take an action about a looming danger (United States., 2009). Operating and working at very high heights, the area should be surveyed for any overhead lines before work can actually start so that such injury likelihoods can be eliminated. In case an overhead wire falls on the vehicle during driving, one should continue driving away from the wire. At the same time, if the engine is to stall, then the vehicle should not be left there but instead should be pushed away from the wire. Thereafter, a signal can be made so that help can come, while during such times, people are not allowed to come very close to the vehicle (United States., 2009). Outdoor Operations safety measures Whenever one is digging for installation of power, utility company of the region should be involved so that underground electric lines can be identified and hence reduction in th...
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