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A Terrorist Group: How ISIS Has Exploited Advances In Technology (Essay Sample)



How ISIS has Exploited Advances in Technology Student Name Institution How ISIS has Exploited Advances in Technology Terrorism has been revolutionized with the integration of technology in current systems. Old terrorist groups like Al Qaeda are quickly fading from the limelight, giving way for ISIS-like organizations. ISIS-like organizations utilize the latest technologies to support their activities across the globe. In the 1940-1980s year range, terrorist groups relied heavily on audio and video recordings to pass their message to the intended target CITATION Pat17 \l 1033 (Patrick, 2017). However, these methods have become obsolete, as the vulnerable countries have developed counterterrorism measures to guard against such attacks. These measures included tracking the video having the message and even where it was recorded. With such information, suspects can be apprehended and serve their jail term CITATION Tay14 \l 1033 (Taylor, 2014). However, ISIS-like organizations use social media to advance their cause. The paper will analyze how the ISIS-like organizations utilize technology to advance their missions. Technology in the communication field has been utilized widely. Current military communication systems of any modernized army boost of internal communication systems. Soldiers can communicate with each other in the battle field. In any war, communication is everything. It is this communication that brings about the coordination of the whole army. With a well-coordinated strike-force, the enemy would surely fall down. ISIS-like organizations also boast of these advanced communication systems CITATION Pat17 \l 1033 (Patrick, 2017). The funding for such purchase requires huge sums which are also collected online. Piracy and donations from wealthy families are known methods pf funding such purchases for the jihadist enthusiast. Another possible use of technology is the integration of social media in the advertisements and marketing aspects by these groups. Recruitment drives can be seen all over the internet for these groups. A popular style is the use of Facebook. The ISIS-like organizations post convincing articles on joining the executives for the first meeting. Vulnerable youth or the unemployed persons can easily be lured by these organizations such amounts CITATION Mou17 \l 1033 (Moule, 2017). Vulnerable youth or the unemployed persons can easily be lured by funds in exchange for a job at the organization. It is quite easy to say no to your former self as you acquire the new fighting combat. Also, the ISIS-like organizations have their own pages on social media where they communicate with their recruits all over. Usually, they would post a video, which clearly articulates why investing even in the main company is a plus for humanity. Everyone might not be a Muslim, but some would contact them about the funding scenario CITATION Kin14 \l 1033 (Kinyanjui, 2014). Also, even with the global war against terrorism, there exist psychopaths who desire employment slots in the group. The high pressure accorded to the security agencies to infiltrate in such content, has become obsolete. The ISIS-like groups have developed confidence, and would even call their victims to say whether they would come for more (in case there is a meeting for the first time. By boasting of the wide spectrum ensnared by the key terrorist groups, it is possible to have trained ICT personnel who manage the cyber activities of these organizations. It takes months to train a qualified ICT programmer, one who is competent in the hacking systems. By sing this knowledge and manpower in the ICT field, the ISIS-like organization can intercept communication channels of their enemies, especially the US CITATION Joh16 \l 1033 (Johnston, 2016). With such gain in intelligence, the ISIS-like organization can reorder their strategies to win the battles. The hackers can even tap into online banking platforms to divert funds to their accounts. With regards to finance, the ISIS-like groups even have online payment systems to collect their donations. Popular online banking methods like PayPal, and wire transfer have been a success for such organizations. In the past few years, it is estimated that the ISIS group received close to $1 billion in funds from donations and sponsorships CITATION Kin14 \l 1033 (Kinyanjui, 2014). These financial platforms have brought convenience to the customer, for example, an ISIS enthusiast in Mexico or South America can send in their donations instantly. Another use of the social media is in the recruitment process. The ISIS-like organizations advertise the need for certain combat people to add onto its ever-growing army. People would then inbox the administrator of such accounts on the way ford regarding the application to the ISIS group. The administrator would then tell them the exact location they are to meet for the recruitment process CITATION Von13 \l 1033 (Von Behr, 2013). Unless such communications channels are intercepted by the CIA or the FBI, the ISIS-like organizations will continue celebrating the marvels of technology in the current times. This aspect has to be monitored and even regulated to curb recurrence of such incidents. In the modern world, everybody craves attention. Attention, fort he ISIS-like organization, draws confidence to the group. With attention, the ISIS group get to remove the old-fashioned Al Qaeda group from the limelight. They achieve this by use of the news agencies. Whenever there is a fight at any part of the world, the publishing house usually develop a story for the general public. Similarly, when the US soldiers are bombed in Iraq and Syria, t...
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