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Importance of Security Patches (Essay Sample)


The United States Government Configuration Baseline (USGCB) evolved from the Federal Desktop Core Configuration mandate and is a government-wide initiative to maintain and properly update security settings. Research and summarize at least 2 recent security patches that relate to your current operating system. In a separate paragraph, do you feel these security patches help secure your computer? Why? Defend your response.


Security Patches
Security Patches
It is difficult for a security team to anticipate a future cyber-attack. Therefore, organizations must create a mechanism for responding to the current vulnerabilities that can harm the system. Security patches are defined as micro-adjustments within software aimed at strengthening security. The security vulnerabilities on the operating system have far-reaching implications on the system. Therefore, security patches and patch management systems are required to ensure that system is free from any security threat. The first patch that my organization should consider is referred to as Microsoft July 2020. Studies on the system have shown that the patch resolves up to 123 vulnerabilities affecting the operating system. The patch secures a host of aspects such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft Excel, among others (Cimpanu, 2020). Another viable option is referred to as the January 2020 security update known as CVE-2020-0601. The patch 

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