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Most Important Source Renewable (Essay Sample)


in the coming future most of the oil wells will dry up. discuss what will be the most renewable source of energy


The world’s most important source of renewable energy in the coming future
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Many nations in the world depend on oil, natural gas or coal to provide the majority of their energy needs. The fossil fuels are becoming a limited source of energy. In no time, the world will run out of the fossil fuels, or it will become very expensive to retrieve the fossil fuels that will be remaining in the coming future (Richards, 2009). Apart from the issue of expense, the fossil fuels are known to cause soil, water and air pollution and produce green house gases that are responsible for global warming. In the coming future, the world will be looking for an alternative source of renewable energy in order to supplement fossil fuels. The central thesis of this paper is to discuss solar energy as the most important source of renewable energy in the nearby future.
Solar energy is a type of energy which is in the form of heat and light that is from the sun. The most important issue is that this type of energy is free of cost, and it is pollutant free. Most of other forms of other renewable sources of energy such as wind energy come indirectly from the sun. Solar energy has been used for generations in different ways such as drying of clothes and heating of water (Richards, 2009). Not only have the humans, plants as well use solar energy in the production of their food. The use of solar energy is becoming very popular these days which shows that in the near future people will highly depend on it. The technology is known to harness the sun’s energy and then make the energy useful.
The solar energy technology does require little or no maintenance, and the process of its installation is very simple. The solar energy will be used to heat water which will provide power that is referred to as solar power. The solar power generated from the heated water will b used to generate electricity with the help of the photovoltaic cells. The electricity produced will be used during the night as it will be stored in the batteries. These photovoltaic cells can be used in the traffic lights, in the railway signals or even in water pumping. The solar energy will also be used in cooking by use of the solar cookers and heating of water. This will be very effective way of reducing huge home energy bills (Ollhoff, 2010).
Even though solar energy has numerous advantages, and it is the upcoming most important source of nonrenewable energy, it does have its disadvantages. The solar energy does not work during the night or when the sun is not shining. This makes this source of energy to be very limited in terms of weather and the time of the day. Even though the energy is free of cost, the installation of the systems to be used is expensive especially the semi-conducting materials that are to be used in the systems (Ollhoff, 2010). In order to power an entire building, there is the requirement of a large array of solar ...
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