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Security Technology Essay Research Coursework Paper (Essay Sample)




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Topic: Security
In Informatics, security is the process of safeguarding information from being corrupted or accessed illegally. It involves keeping people who are not authorized to use this information away from accessing it. This is because they may corrupt the information by distorting or deleting it. Security measures ensures that data is free from any unauthorized access, it is free from any unauthorized alterations and it is available when the owner needs it (Samonas 2014). I chose this topic because I wanted to know how I can protect my personal information from unauthorized access. This is because we live in the world where most of our personal information is stored in the internet and the need to protect is very essential. If this information is mishandled it could have severe repercussions.
Juice jacking is one of the many security threats that have come up in the recent times. There is an article in the New York Times that has tried to explain it in detail. Juice jacking is a security threat that involves a malware entering the phone or laptop through a USB port. This malware can be used by hacker to retrieve personal information like password, pins and other personal information. This USB ports are normally found in public places. People tend to use them to charge their phones and laptops to avoid running out of batteries. They do so not knowing the threats that poses with using such ports. These ports are normally convenient and people tend to use them. It is for this reason that hacker manipulate these ports with the intention of installing malware in the phones or computers that plug into it.

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