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Visual Modelling Technology Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


TASK: answer 4 questions related to visual modelling
the paper discusses visual modelling techniques, elements of threat modelling, questions guiding threat modelling, and Luke SKYWALKER'S EMBODIMENT IN "STAR WARS"


Individual Assignment III
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Individual Assignment III
Two of the major techniques that can be used to build visual models for systems are process flow diagrams and business domain models.
* Process Flow Diagrams
Process Flow Diagrams (PFDs) are models developed to enhance the understanding of the key organizational processes. These structures are designed with utmost simplicity in line with one of the core principles of visual model design. The development of PFDs is founded on the context of the particular activities as well as the purpose for which it is intended (Weske, 2012). For example, the flow diagrams can be crafted to demonstrate how one process supports the entire business process. These diagrams can be used differently, but the commonest form for beginners is the simple workflow diagram. This method involves the placement of specific business activities at strategic ends in line with the production process and then illustrating the correlation with the aid of arrows.
* Business Domain Models
Business domain models are designed to ease the understanding of business information creation and management without digging deeper into the database (Weske, 2012). This method involves the documentation and presentation of data in a way that gives the user the flexibility of deriving meaning as well as the relationship that exists between different data. For instance, the word “customer” can be used as a parent concept and enclosed in a box. Several attributes can then be generated such as the name and contact to simplify understanding.

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