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Will Virtual Learning Platforms Replace Traditional Universities? (Essay Sample)


THE TASK SIMPLY NEED ONE TO DISCUSS OR IN OTHER TERMS TO RESPOND TO WHETHER virtual learning platforms replace traditional universities? The writing style to be used was apa 7th edition with a double-spaced paper. The number of sources to be used was not specified.


Virtual Learning Platforms vs. Traditional Universities
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Virtual Learning Platforms vs. Traditional Universities
The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic peaked debates on virtual vs. traditional learning as schools settled for e-learning as a temporary solution. It is undeniable that technology's application in education is inevitable following the development of valuable and expedient learning tools. While virtual learning is contemporary, efficient, and ubiquitous, stakeholders must integrate it into traditional learning to fill the existing gaps because it can never replace in-person instruction.
In-person instruction creates a learner-centered and learning-focused environment with few distractions. According to Herman (2020), virtual learning exposes learners to distractions from their uncontrolled environment and web activities. Most students associate their gadgets with gaming, e-shopping, and socializing. The freedom bestowed upon learners by online learning makes it easy for them to get lost and drift from learning activities because the 'anywhere and anytime' learning mantra lacks control and is dependent on a solid internet connection. A learner-centered environment places the student's interest above everything during learning sessions, while a learning-focused environment reinforces learning activities by eliminating all distractors. Some cunning learners may enlist their siblings to handle their tests and assessment activities through virtual learning interfaces, thereby increasing educational malpractices and undermining the learning process's integrity. Therefore, virtual learning cannot unseat traditional learning entirely because it lacks a sustainable learning environment that meets all learners' needs.

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