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Australian Restaurant Industry Case: Possible Avenues of Growth (Essay Sample)




Restaurant Industry in Australia
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1 Executive Summary
Most hotels and resorts in Australia usually operate in manner that takes the form of a hierarchical structure which has the CEO at the top most part. The hierarchy broadens down to regional managers stationed at different region around the world. They are termed as specific managers in other words. They are in charge of the company’s property in their areas of operation. For instance, a number of hotels in Sydney use a 4D structure to manage the company property. The four D structure encompasses the director of operations, director of finance, director of finance and director of business development. These four directors all report to the general manager. Ultimately, this four-tier system is based on the finance arm of the hotel. Notably, the finance arm has, of recent, been moved into a centralized cluster finance team rather than a hotel based team. The executive summary is basically the company’s control system that is consisted of the directors who in turn are responsible for the company’s financial department.
1 Introduction
Hotels and Resorts usually have a vast chain of businesses that consists of more than four thousand hotels in many countries in the world. As it the case with every company and organization, there must be a vision on which the organizational activities are hinged upon. For a number of hotels, their missions include filling the entire world with the light together with warmth of hospitality. The properly established leadership and effective co-ordination has sped the growth of many companies in the hotel industry in Australia.
1 Organization’s Way of Working
In the restaurant industry, as is the case in many industries leadership takes a certain established hierarchy. Usually, at the top of the hierarchy is the organization’s manager. In most, if not all organizations, there is usually an assistant manager who usually deputizes the general manager as far managerial duties are concerned. The manger is usually in charge of oversight activities and other activities that take place within the organization He closely works with the assistant manager to ensure that there is a smooth running of business activities within the restaurant, for restaurant businesses. The manager and the assistant manager form part of the executive in any organization.
Organizations in the hotel industry basically offer their customers with delicacies that include fast foods and very comfortable accommodation. They usually strive to satisfy the demands of its customers by totally satisfying the requirements of different people, for example, child and adults respectively. In essence, these organizations have installed a proper housekeeping mechanism that ensures all time accommodation is available to its customers.
The main missions of companies in the industries are to serve its clients to the highest standards achievable in the industry in which they operate. Competence, professionalism, sincerity, politeness and knowledge are the key qualities demonstrated by the working staff in Australian hotel sector
Research Methodology
The research in this kind of report was to establish workers’ satisfaction with their respective jobs in the hotel industry. The research was two-tier, in essence. The establishment of the employees’ acceptance of their jobs was not in itself sufficient. Further, the research was extended to cover the benefits derived as a result of the employee’s acceptance of their jobs.
Primarily, the data for the research was obtained through the use of surveys due to the fact that surveys are the cheapest data acquisition means and owing to its accuracy. The first survey involved a questionnaire that was filled in Minnesota, USA. The questionnaire had a list of 20 questions that were to be sequentially filled by the employees in the finance department.
The second part of the research involved primary data that was presented in the form of interviews. Interviews are the best source of information especially when it comes to a situation in which one has to dig up into the questions that have arisen as a result of a survey.
Both methods provided satisfactory results as regards the research objectives in that every question in the questionnaire was filled. The interviewers had no perceivable problem regarding the process of data acquisition. Therefore, no notable problem was met during the process of data gathering for the purpose of the research.
Averagely, 55 out of 61 employees of the various companies in the hotel industry took part in the research survey. The results of the survey were then compared to the general manager’s expectations. The number of female workers who took part in the survey was approximately the same as that of their male counterparts. The research revealed that a substantial percentage of the workers did not receive motivation as is expected. However, a section of the employees did like the situation in the company.
2 Ethical Issues Involved in the Process of Data Gathering
As a requirement, during data collection and synthesis ethical standards must be observed since the main source of information in the research is people ought to be treated with utmost respect and dignity CITATION Beh94 \l 1033 (Behi & Mike, 1994). It is important that researchers have adequate knowledge concerning ethical requirements in data collection. In the research honesty, openness, confidentiality, integrity, respect and objectivity were among the fundamental ethical issues taken into consideration. In the research, anonymity was very important CITATION Bry15 \l 1033 (Bryman & Emma, 2015). It could be unwise to keep on disclosing people’s identities now and then as this has the capability of jeopardizing their position as workers of the company.
Respect was another fundamental ethical issue that was employed during the process of data collection. Approaching a person with respect they deserve makes that person free to provide any information required from them. However, approaching a person in a manner devoid of respect for their position as a worker for the specified company has the capability of making the people refuse to give satisfactory answers to the asked questions. Again, lack of respect has the likelihood of raising suspicion among the interviewees.
Gender parity was another ethical issue that could not be forgotten at all cost. Gender sensitivity is an issue that is very important in the modern day world CITATION Sin96 \l 1033 (Singhapakdi, Vitell, & Kraft, 1996). Balancing both genders was paramount. For one to receive accurate and satisfactory information, both genders must be involved in the survey and interview conducted. Due to the recent outcry for the maintenance of gender parity, both genders in the work area received equal number of form for the purposes of the questionnaire survey. Again, when it came to the interviews, the same trend repeated itself whereby approximately an equal number of men and female workers got interviewed. Honesty was manifested whereby it was made clear to the interviewees the purpose of the research. Nothing significant was hidden from them. The vow as to keep their names anonymous was kept. All these symbolized honesty.
3 Business Carried Out and Customer Needs
Restaurants, in general, provide hotel and accommodation facilities to its customers. The hotels provide customers with the best meals capable of satisfying their demands. A wide range of dishes are served in the hotels ranging from fast foods to a range of full dish meals. Qualitatively, the meals are incomparable. Worth noting is the idea that most of the hotel facilities have been automated to fit the current trend in technological advancement. The provision of online food purchase is a milestone to ensuring that customer demands are met. Preparing meals using the modern technology is equally a unique improvement. Culture specific meals served in the hotels make the hotels in Australia rank as the most developed hotels on earth.
Accommodation is another business that is carried out in the Australian restaurants. The hotel rooms have been fitted with the best modern facilities so far. The rooms too have access to WI FI system of internet connectivity. The existence of warm water tubs at the hotel bathrooms is an advancement of the hotels over other close competitors in other nations in the industry. Basically, the hotels provide meals to its customers and accommodation facilities.
4 Strategic Direction, Culture and Leadership Guiding Hotels
In general, businesses are likely to achieve business oriented goals if they employ a well reasoned out process of business organization that is focused on the achievement of new cultural capabilities without much stress on strategic leadership process CITATION Bro91 \l 1033 (Brown & Duguid, 1991). In a combination, the business strategy and leadership strategy do work concurrently to develop new central capabilities that are necessary for the company’s future.
The leadership of a particular company is capable of initiating transformation and growth of a particular company by employing some strategies CITATION San96 \l 1033 (Sanchez & Mahoney, 1996). For example a notable number of hotels have leadership that is committed towards the utilization and alignment of the available resources for the realization of the development of their respective organizations. Utilization the available resources for the sole purpose of profit maximization is one of the leadership parameters installed in place tom steer a sharp growth of the organizations.
Adapting to change is paramount in any organization. The world as at the moment is not at a stands...
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