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Reaction paper Literature & Language Essay. Research (Essay Sample)


it is a reaction paper, use only the attached file


Newark Education Reforms
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Newark Education Reforms
The paper assesses the effect of the educational reforms in Newark, New Jersey. The state and state leaders used about $200 million to implement new changes in schools in Newark in the 2011-2012 academic years. Notably, the assessment of the reforms based on various factors such as student growth, their performance, and comparing students in charter schools to those in public schools. The changes were in the form of comprehensive interventions. The improvements were in two categories, namely;[Chin, M., T. J. Kane, W. Kozakowski, B. E. Schueler, and D. O. Staiger. "Assessing the impact of the Newark education reforms: The role of within-school improvement vs. between-school shifts in enrollment." Center for Education Policy Research, Harvard University. Retrieved November 26, no. 2017 (2017): 4.]
* Within-school reforms
* Between-school reforms

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