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Nursing: Qualitative Study In Collecting Data (Essay Sample)


qualitative study IN COLLECTING DATA


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Research method presents a framework through which information and data are collected in an experiment. The methodology in use may employ the use of surveys, interviews, publication research among other research techniques for the purpose of gathering information for analysis. In nursing, data methodology is collected using qualitative study design and this research paper demystifies on this concept.
Qualitative study design involves the use of a systematic approach to describing life experiences. This is done for the purpose of gaining insight and exploring the depth of the research. The design is quite useful in the nursing environment owing to its focus on complex and broad context. A qualitative study was used in finding data in the nursing study in approaching a patient suffering from a chronic illness. In this perspective, spoken reflection technique was used where interviews were conducted involving a sample size of 35 primary healthcare administrators. These healthcare nurses were from the northern part of Portugal.
The qualitative design is usually presented with advantages and also disadvantages. The analysis of data obtained from this methodology was done thematically. The benefit of this plan is that there were no complications of information as the case of statistical analysis. Similarly, the nature of data collected involved the use of descriptions, quotations and narratives to collect data. This led to a simplified use of data as opposed to a scenario where statistics and numbers could have been used (Sousa, Martins & Pereira, 2015).
Disadvantages of qualitative design methodology are that there were few number...
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