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African-American Activism. History Assignment (Essay) (Essay Sample)


this sample entails a detailed account on the contributions of notable african-americans during the civil rights movement era.


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Black activism in the United States; when discussing black activism, one name cannot go without being mentioned and that is Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Martin Luther is perhaps one of the most notable black civil rights activists whose name and praises will live on for generations to come. Despite there being many other black activists before him and after him, it is the sheer magnitude of Martin Luther’s actions in the quest for equal rights that consequently puts him at the forefront of black activism studies in America. King’s enduring legacy characterized by his undeterred passion and vision for equal rights for black people (especially those living in the South) forms a fundamental aspect of African-American studies. Despite his efforts, however, it is inarguable that there still are unresolved race issues inherent in the American society. Police brutality and a biased judicial system form the core of the twenty-first century black-race-struggles. The struggles of social activists, especially in the 1960s, are a vital inspiration to the resistance against the inherent racial status quo of the 21st century. This essay strives to shed light on black activism in America over the years and the undeniable fact that the black race still has a long way to go in achieving social equality.

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