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The Causes of Operation Blue Star History Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


the main aim of the paper was to analyse the main causes of operation blue star and how it ended


Causes of the Operation Blue Star
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Operation Blue Star 3-6 June 1984 Operation of Indian troops by the then Indian Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to expel Sikh separatists at the Golden Temple in Amritsar. These vaccines run by Jaronal Singh Bindranwale are said to have integrated weapons in the Sikh reserves. The operation was carried out by Indian armed forces secured by tanks and vehicles. The main aim of this paper is to describe clearly the major causes of the Operation Blue Star.[Brar, K. S. 1992. Operation Blue Star: True Story. UBS Publishers Distributors (P) Limited.]
With military capability, the move provoked great controversy, and the administration's commitment to planning and attack was widely discussed. Operation Blue Star was commemorated in India Today's Top 10 Political Scandal. Official reports include the deaths of 83 Indian soldiers and the death toll of 492 soldiers, but other free games have increased to 1500. In addition, the CPI looks at the response to adhering to antique and original antiques. Copies before burning the Sikh Library Library.[Deora, Man Singh. 1992. ftermath of Operation Bluestar. Anmol Publications.]

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