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Climate And Culture History Essay Research Coursework (Essay Sample)


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Wrap up assignment 3: Climate and culture. Think critically about the themes we have addressed in this Unit. How was the content we covered addressed the ways in which humans have used science and technologies to shape their relationships to the natural world to one another? What surprised you in this unit? What didn't? Write your reactions to this material presented in this unit: I will provide the sources. They are from lectures and case studies. This assignment is for analyzing arguments and evidence, and thinking critically about your own response to the material. The format would be double spaced write in full sentence and paragraphs. I would like you to address the major argument from one case study I would provide named Duncan. As well as a primary source from the power points or the case study. Please do use proper grammar, spelling and syntax. Also do please proof read your work and provide proper citation of Chicago style. Do not focus on one major thing in the sources make sure you hit all the main points with the sources provided.
the sample is a response that utilized the provided files to respond to the question on how humans have managed to make use of technology and technology intertwines with culture as generations progress.


Science and technology have had a major impact on man’s relationship with the natural world and with fellow men. Science and technology have had the effect of opening up the natural world and shaping it to what it is now. It also provides people with the tools and knowledge necessary to understand and address the changing world, nature and human relationships. The content covered in the unit have enabled me to access, understand and evaluate the impact of science and technology. This has given me access to information and tools prompted by science and technology that prepares me to live in the 21st- century global society that we are in. In addition, science and technology have brought about a better and more informed understanding of climate and its influence on culture.
From the content, it is evident that science and technology have enabled humans to have a better understanding of the natural world. Specifically, humans have been able to understand the intricacies of climate and climate change as well as how humans evolved which have enhanced the relationships between humans and the environment and to other humans. According to Hume, humans have over the years used science and technology to understand the climate and its various changes and how humans have adapted to the various changes. Hume terms this observation as vulgar, but in my opinion, it is a simple and straightforward indicator of the impact that climate has on culture. It is not uncommon for the men living in hot climates to have a greater inclination towards love and women. A research of such areas would reveal that this is true, not that other areas do not have such inclinations, but they are stronger in the hot areas. Also, liquor has been known to have the effect of warming up the blood, hence those in the colder regions tend to partake more due to its warming effect.

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