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Common Misconception Arguments Against Christian Faith (Essay Sample)


This religion paper focuses on comparing postmodernism and Christian worldview and how different proponents argue in favor of their standpoints. The initial instructions of order required me to take a position and defend it. After deep and extensive research and analysis of the findings, I explained how views supporting Christianity are superior to postmodernists’ arguments. The paper also provides a defense for the resurrection of Jesus and the defense of objective truth and moral values of Christianity.


Postmodernism has become a way of thinking that denies the absolute truth and believes that truth is found through one’s own personal experiences and culture. The postmodernist way of thinking raises much cause for concern because it denies ultimate reality, but, more interesting than that, the denial of God as the top source of all things that exist. In viewing the way, postmodernism has found its way into many areas of the social arena; it is not surprising that many individuals lean toward this way of thought. People who choose to think as postmodernists do so because it is what the majority is doing. The essay will involve various arguments which suggest that Christianity is not relevant in modern society. Thus, this paper aims to expose these arguments and discuss their misconceptions. Christian worldview will be assessed for its superiority in regard to postmodernism.
Finally, this paper will provide a defense for the resurrection of Jesus and the defense of objective truth and moral values of Christianity. A deep and extensive analysis of the postmodernism worldview will reveal how Christianity is the superior worldview compared to postmodernism.
Summary of Postmodernism
When one thinks about postmodernism, the thought maybe something occurring after something has happened. So, one may say that postmodernism is what has happened after modernism. “There is no precise, simple definition of postmodernism. Only one fact is certain: most experts have differing concepts of what it means. Having different concepts about what something is or is not does not by itself negate the fact that postmodernism has become a worldview that is dominating society, and it has found its way into the church. Examining postmodernism more closely will reveal that it is a worldview that is “very much confused, has social ills, immorality, crime, secularism, divorce, irrationality, indiscipline, emotional instability, illogical thinking, disorder, humanistic goals, and fragmented, transitory lifestyles. This is a total breakdown of modern society which was seen in times past in ancient Assyria, Babylon, and Rome. Some individuals perceive practical worshiping such as kneeling and dancing are not of any significance but advocate for becoming spiritual rather than being Christians.[Cheong, Pauline Hope, Alexander Halavais, and Kyounghee Kwon. "The chronicles of me: Understanding blogging as a religious practice." Journal of Media and Religion 7, no. 3 (2008): 107-131.] [Beane, David, Ajay Ponnapalli, and Chockalingam Viswesvaran. 2017. "Workplace Religious Displays and Perceptions of Organization Attractiveness." Employee Responsibilities and Rights Journal 29 (2) (06): 73-88.

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