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Ineffectiveness of marketing (Essay Sample)


the paper explains the ineffectiveness of marketing. some people view it as a waste of time and money. it concludes by explaining how its effectiveness can be improved.


Ineffectiveness of Marketing
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Ineffectiveness of Marketing
Marketing is the process in which businesses promote and sell their commodities, and this mostly includes conducting market research and advertising. Market research is conducted by the business so that it ascertains the demographics of its target market for their product modification and presentation. Advertising is done to make awareness of the products to the customers, and also to inform them of any changes made over the existing products. However, it is not all times that these processes are effective in promoting sales of the business. Their ineffectiveness may cause the waste of money, time and resources, if there are no reasonable results found.
Data from market research has not been effective over a while, and this is a reason why marketing can be viewed just as a waste of time and money. Page (2009) says that most business practitioners use large bulks of papers in an effort to analyze the research done, and make marketing decisions regarding this. However, in most cases, the habits of people keep changing despite the decisions made by the researchers. It, therefore, makes the research work done ineffective, and hence, a waste of time and money. For instance, researchers may determine that a public train may be a favorable place for coffee sellers since the travelers may need some coffee as they travel. On the contrary, the passengers may fail to take coffee from their usual habits of failing to take coffee, and it may be taken by only one or two passengers. In this regard, the research that will have been done will have overseen many factors before making...
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