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UK fashion industry (Essay Sample)


This essay focused on the analysis of fashion industry in the United Kingdom. The analysis was conducted using SWOT analysis


UK Fashion Industry Analysis
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UK Fashion Industry Analysis
Macro and Micro Environments for the Industry
Textile industries in the United Kingdom are affected by both macro and microenvironments. These factors affect marketing management in order to facilitate the establishment of a good relationship with clients. It also helps in the creating satisfaction and worth to their clients. Marketing management in the United Kingdom needs to realize the effects of micro and macroeconomics to customers, distributors, competitors, and suppliers. Fashion industries in the United Kingdom have established noble affiliation with their dealers in order to make higher profits. Suppliers have the main role of supplying necessary resources to the fashion industries that facilitate production of goods (Kurz 2010, 4). The development of suppliers in the United Kingdom has brought great influence in the fashion industries. Fashion industries in the UK have also established a positive reputation with supply management. This is in their effort to develop loyalty with their esteemed customers by enhancing continuous supply of fashion products.
Fashion industries in the UK have also developed distribution framework. Over the years, fashion companies have enhanced product development in order to facilitate distribution. On the other hand, Fashion industries also believe that clients are the most essential elements that require frequent supply of goods. To enhance consumer satisfactions, fashion industries produce quality products that are sold at a reasonable price. Innovation is also enhanced in order to facilitate high quality products that satisfy the clients (Lancaster 2013, 1). Fashion industries have also been able to face issues of competition from other rival companies around the world. This is through lowering their prices lower that of their competitors without compromise of quality. This has allowed them to attract many customers in the global market. Products from the fashion industries in the United Kingdom are also unique in order to establish competition advantages. In this case, the industry has been able to venture and dominate into the global market
SWOT analysis for the fashion industry in the UK
Fashion industry in the UK is divided into sale and creative functions. This means that design for the products is maintained in one side while distribution and sale of the same products is considered on the other side. SWOT analysis is to anise the industry in the UK’s market.
Strength is used to portray the industry in terms of its brand positioning, recognition of name and revenue acquired. Fashion industry in the UK has various avenues of products distribution in the market. This includes ready to wear and other off the rack products that are highly accessible to fashion clients with low income (Williams 2013, 1). This is forms strength to the company because it allows their name and brand to reach higher potential customers. This will make the company make higher sales in the local and international market thus recording higher profits. The other strength is that the company makes higher quality and unique products compared to other companies worldwide. This has endorsed the company to create competitive advantage by gaining higher number of customers. The industry has satisfied large number of customers across the world due to their services. This has been reciprocated in the total revenue recorded by the industry.
One of the major weakness affecting fashion industry in the UK is the unnecessary cost incurred during the manufacture of the products. Fashion industry mainly concentrates on women wear, which has to be made from high quality material. Resources used to make these attires are very expensive making the production cost go higher. High production cost in the industry leads to lower gross profits. Lack of some presence in some regions is another weakness affecting fashion industry in the UK. This is because it reduces their chances to maximize sales in numerous parts of the global market. Reduced sales account for a lower profit to the industry.
Fashion industry in the UK has great opportunities due to the availability of raw materials and resources used in the manufacture of fashion products. United Kingdom is rich in threads and fabrics that are used to make fashion appeal. This lowers the cost of inputs thus increasing the profit margin. United Kingdom also has open source of labor that is employed in the industry (n. a 2011, 1). Higher labor employment leads to higher production of fashion products that meet consumers demand. High production of fashion products also leads to higher profit. Higher innovation and technology in the UK is also considered as a major opportunity. Machineries are used by fashion industries to make production and distribution of their products faster. This has increased their market scale and total revenue.
Economic status and politics are the major source of threats to the United Kingdom’s fashion industry. Trade of fashion products is highly affected political unrest of the country and other parts of the world. T...
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