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Management in International Organisations (Essay Sample)

The4 paper discusses Management in International Organizations. source..

[Management in International Organisations]
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One of the major roles of international human resource managers is to create, identify and organise important information and expertise within an international organisation. This role of management requires the human resource manager of an international organization to have adequate knowledge in the field of management in order to systematically and explicitly facilitate this process effectively (Ruysseveldt & Harzing, 2004: 82). Employees need motivation and proper remuneration to help them work harder each day as they attend to their work. Therefore, a human resource manager should strife to maintain a healthy working environment where employees can share information freely. In addition, the human resource manager should allow employees to take part in making important decisions relating to their welfare. This makes them feel appreciated by their employer thus giving them a sense of belonging towards the organization. The aim of this essay is to critically evaluate how knowledge management enhances organisational effectiveness for the benefit of the entire organisation.
Strategic Human Resource Management
The Task Model
International human resource managers utilize various management theories in a bid to recruit and retain employees. The task model of management provides human resource managers with effective tools of management that enable them to have a better understanding in changes associated with recruitment patterns (Blanpain, 2010: 99). At Virgin Atlantic, the recruitment model for airhostesses emphasizes more on providing satisfactory quantity and quality of human resource to fulfill different organisational demands. In addition, the airline aims at retaining close to 90% of all their current employees by implementing this management model. To achieve this, Virgin Atlantic has developed various training programs for all their employees in order to equip them with the necessary skills of communication that assist them to serve their customers more efficiently (Typepad, 2011:1).
This approach to human resource management at the Virgin Atlantic has ensured that the company has a stable workforce that is motivated to work harder in meeting the needs of every passenger who chooses to fly with this Airline. Since 2005, the airline has organised several seminars and workshops where employees from different departments of the organization get a chance to share their experiences with others (Deb, 2006:27). Through this platform, the human resource manager is able to understand how each employee views the structure of governance of the organisation and how well their suggestions can effectively be utilized to align their personal needs to the objectives of the organisation.
Behavior Engineering Management Concept
The success of an organisation is tied to how well the human resource manager promotes performance excellence through employee communication, motivational management, incentives and knowledge building (Schuler & Jackson, 2007:162). To develop their creativity, employees need guidance and directions from their leader. This is because the human resource manager is responsible of disseminating important company information to the employees to help them understand the operations of the organisation appropriately. In addition, the human resource manager should assist employees to develop their careers through creative utilization of the knowledge they acquire in seminars and motivational workshops organised by the company. Through efficient communications from the human resource manager, employees of the company get to learn of the organisational objectives that have been set out at the time of recruitment. This ensures that each employee of the company is aware of their personal responsibilities towards achieving the set organisational goals and objectives.
A good example of a company that has an excellent internal communication network between the employer and the employee is the Coca Cola Company. TCCC has over the years ensured that their recruitment process creates a pool of competent workforce to help it groom its future managerial staff (Aswathappa, 2011:14). From this carefully selected workforce, the company identifies important expertise within the organisation that can be nurtured. TCCC nurture talent and creativity of their employees...
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