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Marketing Plan for a Market Entry Marketing Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Topic:Marketing Plan for a Market Entry
Assignment instructions:
Imagine yourself in the role of a marketing specialist for a real-life company. Choosing a case study from the article“Seven epic fails by businesses that tried expanding into foreign markets” and a country which the chosen company is not operating in yet, conduct a concise marketing plan, covering the following:

Marks Awarded
Rationale for a chosen country
SMART objectives for a market to entry
Target market segmentation and positioning
Marketing plan recommendations
Conclusion (Should the marketing strategy be standardized or adapted?)

Your report requires an application of suitable marketing tools and models. An essay format without application of tools will not be accepted.

Common requirements:
- Critical analysis;
- Correct application of Harvard Referencing style;
- Support your claims with relevant academic sources;
- Application of marketing tools and models;
- Your segmentation, targeting and positioning strategy should be consistent with the recommended marketing plan;
- Clean and clear presentation including structure, style, clarity, visuals.
What we are looking for:
- Your own work free of plagiarism;
- The way you think as a business person;
- The approach you would take as a marketing specialist;
- Your knowledge of marketing tools and their application;
- Your critical and original thinking.

- Copy-paste or rewrite another author’s work;
- Use such sources as Wikipedia, Investopedia and similar;
- Go over the word count limit (maximum deviation is +10%).


Market Entry and Plan
Market Entry and Plan for Starbucks
Starbucks is a leading coffee and eatery organization. Its global presence has influenced its reputation over the years to enter new markets (Khushman 2019). However, the institution has also experienced several failed attempts for new market entries. It is evident in its Australian approach, where its products and services were never appreciated (Khushman 2019). The company has excelled in promoting coffee consumption with more than four thousand outlets in the United States alone. Based on its line of products and services it offers to the consumers, the company would best enter the Ethiopian market. This study will present a marketing plan for entry into the new market.

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