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BMW Effectively Redesigns its Plant in Bavaria (Essay Sample)


This essay is about the various steps that can be undertaken by a manager in order to enhance the working conditions of the employees. The backbone of this essay is the Koib\'s model, which is based on four principles: concrete experience, reflective observation, abstract conceptualization and active experimentation.


BMW Effectively Redesigns its Plant in Bavaria
BMW Effectively Redesigns its Plant in Bavaria
One key to the success of organizations is staff welfare. For this reason, organizations strive to improve the working conditions for their workers so that they are not exposed to avoidable hazards that would impact on the quality of their services. A case in point is BMW, which has effectively redesigned its plant in Bavaria. The company has put into place various ideas in the 2017 line. Most of the ideas involve physical changes aimed at enhancing the performance of workers. In the wake of these changes, a manager will take various actions in relation to Kolb’s model.
1 Concrete experience
As a manager, concrete experiences will form the basis of the actions I would take to enhance the performance of worker in the organization. If I find that I am too tired to carry on with my duties before the end of the day, I would find ways of reducing the fatigue, even for my employees. Nevertheless, I must uphold the principle of continuity. As Merrian puts it, "…every experience takes up something from those which have gone before and modifies in some way the quality of those which come after." (1999, p.223). This means that every experience makes us better.
2 Reflective observation
After observing new behavior, such us openly showing fatigue lo...
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