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Proposed Leadership Style (Essay Sample)


Throughout this course, you have learned about teamwork and effective teams. Now it is time to put it all together and design your own team! This assignment allows you to bring together what you have learned and apply it through creating a group plan.
Imagine you have been asked to create a team at work to meet a specific need within your company.
Create a 500- to 700-word proposal of a team to present to your manager. Include the following:
An explanation of your company and what type of problem you are trying to solve
A description of what type of group/team this will be
A description of the goals of the group/team and how many team members will be needed
An outline of a plan for how this group/team will be effective, including the following:
A proposed leadership style
The characteristics that you are looking for in team members
The roles that each team member will take on
Methods for enhancing group cohesion
Strategies for managing conflict
Strategies for decision making and problem-solving
A proposed team agenda for the first meeting


By (Name)
Professor's Name
Team Design Proposal
Description of the Company
The company I work for, Evergreen Poultry Feeds and Fertilizers, deals with the production of chicken feeds and the manufacture of organic and inorganic farm fertilizers. The company has been faced with the problem of maintaining its reputation. The source of complaints includes product quality and poor customer service issues.
Type of Team
The development of a cross-functional team will be suitable for addressing the current predicament the company is facing. A cross-functional team is advantageous because it enhances diversity and creativity, increasing greater task completion (Zhang & Guo 2019). The team members will be in a position to tackle specific tasks related to customer service that require different inputs and expertise.
Number of Group Members and Goals
The team will comprise eight members from the purchasing, marketing, sales, and production department; two members from each department. The team's overall goal will be to formulate measures that will improve customer service to ensure that the company's clients are happy and satisfied. Happy customers will remain loyal and help improve the company's image by leaving a positive word of mouth that will likely attract new customers (Huang et al. 2020). The specific goals of the customer service team will develop a responsive online platform to handle customer complaints instantly whenever they arise.
Team Outline
Proposed Leadership Style
The leadership style that will be put in place to enhance team building is the participative leadership style. The style is preferred because it promotes creativity and productivity within a team environment (Kumar & Krishnaraj 2018). All team members will be assigned certain aspects of the project at hand. Members from the marketing department will manage television and print advertising; those from the purchasing will be responsible for sourcing quality raw materials needed to manufacture fertilizers. Team members from the sales department will be tasked with developing strategies that will enable staff to build effective relationships with the company's customers.
Characteristics of Team Members
The team will comprise members who focus on goals and results. They can set their differences aside and collectively establish team goals based on outcomes and results. Members should also be diverse to ensure that each one offers their own experiences, knowledge, and skills that others may not possess. The members should also have strong organizational skills to ensure that everything is running according to plan and completed efficiently.
Roles of Members
Team members will be expected to communicate openly with each other, share their thoughts, ideas, and take into consideration the opinions of others. Maintaining open communication will enable members to work efficiently work together, thereby enhancing cohesion (Wienclaw 2018). Team members should also strive to resolve arising conflicts within the group immediately.
Strategies for Managing Conflicts
Strategies that will be observed to resolve conflicts include encouraging collaboration and compromise to find a solution. The compromising strategy will enable members to make sacrifices and settle for solutions deemed fair to everyone (Thompson 2019). On the other hand, collaboration strategies will help maximize assertiveness and cooperation as each member is allowed to speak up for their needs.
Strategies for Decision Making and Problem Solving
The strategies adopted for decision-making and problem-solving within the group will include identifying and clarifying the issue at hand, gathering all th

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