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Robots therapy for autism Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


How has robotics been helpful in treating autism in children


Robot Helps Children for Speech Therapy
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TIME \@ "MMMM d, y" December 27, 2020
Robot Helps Children for Speech Therapy
In children and adolescents, speech and language therapy can overcome various language development problems and abnormalities. Treatment can lead to better communication as well as increase confidence through intervention programs. The sole purpose of the robot is to aid language and communication. This essay will expound on robotic assistance in therapy.
In studies carried out by (Bekele et al., 2013, p.11), children with speech disorders responded better to humanoid robots than adult administrators and typically developing counterparts. (Andri and Andeva,2019 p.440) further, suggest that Robots mimic, allow children to play games, have cameras, and store information in a database sent to the parent or even better. It can create a framework to better support the child. Robots provide many enticements to children, which urge them to continue therapy unknown (Alwadain, Al-Ma'aitah, and Saad, 2020, p.9). Robots are better than the traditional cure, which did not encourage an attraction or heavy activity between the child and the therapist.

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