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Steps Marketers Undergo To Develop New Products Essay (Essay Sample)


Steps Marketers Undergo To Develop New Products


Question: Steps Marketers Undergo To Develop New Products
Steps in New Product Development
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Steps Marketers Undergo To Develop New Products
There are eight steps that marketers go through in developing new products. These are idea generation, idea screening, concept development and testing, marketing strategy and development, business analysis, product development, test marketing, and Commercialization ( Nabi, 2016, p.3). The steps that really interested me are concept development and testing, product development, test marketing, and commercialization.
Concept Development and Testing
This is an interesting step since it is the phase in which attractive ideas are implemented into a new product. An in-depth of the new product is documented in appropriate consumer terms. The product is now design into various options as an alternative in the market (Bangad, 2019, p. 13). Customers are then left to choose the best, which will influence the manufacturer to produce. The products are then tested with specific target clients to ascertain consumer appeal.
Product Development and Test Marketing

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