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SOC10236 Applied Ethics And Sustainability Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)




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Applied Ethics and Sustainability
Question 1 Ethical theory
Utilitarianism regards to the ethical theory that focuses on outcomes to determine whether actions are right or wrong (Peter, 2015). It upholds the motive that actions are right when they promote happiness and wrong when they promulgate the reverse of happiness. The theory is distinct from other ethical models that make wrongness and rightness acts dependant on the specific motive agent, but for utilitarianism, a right action can be done from a bad motive. Also, the theory is consequentialism form as it judges based on the morality of an action (Peter, 2015). Utilitarianism argues that the moral ethical option is certainly the one that yields the highest good for the highest number.
Unlike Utilitarianism, Kantian ethic theories upholds the non-consequentialism form. The theory is based on the deontology translating that we are all morally obliged to sets of actions based on the outlined rules and principles regardless of the outcome (Arnold, Beauchamp & Bowie, 2019). Kant theory argue that some actions are wrong even when their acts are determined to caused admirable outcome. This is an opposition to the utilitarian that justifies actions based on the greatest happiness outcome. Kantian ethical theory relies on the view that human beings have a distinct capacity of rationality unlike other animals (Arnold, Beauchamp & Bowie, 2019). Kant argues that human beings are required to behave based on the moral law and duty. The Kant’s moral perspective follow the non-consequentialism by arguing that wrongness and rightness of an action is independent on the outcome.

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