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Mental Health Nursing-Practice Critique Assessment. (Essay Sample)


Select four key issues that emerge from clinical practice and explore these issues, via a dialogue with contemporary and seminal literature throughout the semester. You may wish to address issues raised by the critical reflective questions sprinkled throughout the chapters of the prescribed text or issues that you have identified within your mental health practice setting.
Consider the similarity, if any, between the practices of nurses described in your readings and those recorded in your own professional journal. How does what you have read compare/contrast with your own experiences?
My four key issues of practice:
1. Lack of security in private setting - our hospital is also admitting public patients from Monash due to lack of beds in public system
2. No opportunity for debriefing
3. Poor patient staff ratio
4. Lack of skill and motivated staff
Please refer to the attached document for the criterion.


by [Name]
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Mental Health Nursing-Practice Critique Assessment
Practicing mental health has been useful to me as it has allowed me to sharpen and make use of the skills I learned in class. However, during this learning experience, I encountered some problems despite being in a private health care facility. Comparing my practice to Townsend and Moeggan, (2017) some methods did not meet the criteria of the expected standards provided in the evidence-based practice in the nursing manual. The results were also not favorable.
Lack of Security in Private Setting
Resources such as beds, machines, and medicine are essential for any health facility to have a sound operation (Zarea et al. 2018). Practicing as a nurse at my workplace has made me realize that the availability of resources and equipment in private health facilities is favorable as compared to that of public facilities. For instance, my facility had to admit patients from Monash, a public facility due to inadequate beds and this caused a problem in terms of security. There was a time patients became violent considering they had become many and the hospital had to consider secluding and monitoring the incoming patients from Monash to help solve the problem. Another issue occurred when a public figure suffering from mental illness had their documents handed over to the wrong person who posed as our staff endangering our new patient making it a security concern in our facility.
According to Niu et al. (2019), patients’ security comes first in a mental hospital. If there is a transfer of patients to another hospital, the physician or nurse handling their documents is responsible for the safety of their documents during the handing over process. The process, therefore, requires correct identification of the nurse or physician taking over the care of the patient who then keeps the documents safe in a confidential manner. New patients may show aggression due to change in environment or, their condition may be seasonal making it hard for the nursing staff to immediately note a way of suppressing the aggression as they depend on patient notes to administer medication from the previous health facility. Hence, the nurses may require time to monitor the patient’s condition before they allow patients from the seclusion area based on how safe it is for the rest of the patients and staff too.

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