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Examine Different Forms and Concepts of Urbanism (Essay Sample)


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Running Head: Examine Different Forms and Concepts of Urbanism
Examine Different Forms and Concepts Of Urbanism
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Examine Different Forms and Concepts of Urbanism
The world has seen many changes from the last century and after nineteenth century the urbanization took place and people has moved to the more settled and urban areas of the world. If we look into the past, we can see that after World War II the dynamics and shape of the world has drastically changed and the development has been observed in many parts of the world especially America , Europe and the eastern countries. It can be noticed that people in general have accepted the urbanization and have proffered living in the urban centers rather living in rural areas. It can be just because of the facilities of education, hospital and other opportunities which are likely to be more and abundant as compared to the rural areas. Life has changed so the lifestyle of the people, the standards have raised and the economic prosperity has prevailed through many years which have given the chance to the people to move and settle in urban areas. The urbanization has rapidly taken place so the needs of the societies and proper planning have been increased because of the increasing population at the urban areas.
Definition of Urbanism:
Urbanism can be defined as the movement or migration of people from one place to the urban areas. Urbanism is the main component urban life which tells us about the problems of urban centers, planning, controlling and movement of the people. It includes about the structurizing and mobilizing the people from rural areas to the urban centers which include tremendous amount of development work in the field of architect, roads, hospital, education and other facilities.
Concept of Urbanism:
The concept of urbanism has mainly been because of the pragmatic approach. According to the researcher, these approaches are main themes of urbanism. (Bernstein, 2010) The main element or urbanism is that when there is a lot of population in the rural areas the people move or migrate from rural areas to another which is more settled and highly concentrated. The role of the government in this regard is too very important because we have noticed the urbanization of Chicago in the late 19th century after that took place the world has seen the drastic urbanization in Tokyo in the 20th century and how faster they have urbanized settled population at the urban centers.
Forms of Urbanism:
It was in actual the need of the century because the dynamics has been changed and proper planning and working on this issue was the demand of the time and governments have made real efforts some high tasks have been assigned and have completed to ensure the proper urbanization. People do move from rural areas to find the better opportunity, to adopt better lifestyle, to improve living standards and to maintain societal relations with the people. The forms of urbanism may include ecological urbanism, green urbanism, Landscape urbanism, new urbanism, sustainable urbanism etc.
Analysis of Cerda’s Plan of Barcelona:
The late century really observed the emergence and development series of few cities of the world in which Barcelona will be highlighted and magnified specially because it was the vision of Cerda who really meant about it and the hard work and vision which he had in his mind paid off the Barcelona and now in today’s world Barcelona is the world’s most beautiful architect city , from hospitals to malls , from roads to lanes it has been developed with the heart and soul and the vision behind it. This city has really shown excellence in the field of architecture and modern architecture which really shows and reflects the amount of infrastructural work has been done in the recent past.
There’s a famous saying that if you can try, you can fly and it suits on the destiny of this city because in the 1860 Iklefon Cerda came up with the plan of expansion of the city. The past of the Barcelona shows that when it was not urbanized the people who lived here were poor and they were not economic stabilize which gave the Cerda a chance to make the proposal and plan for the Barcelona and the plan was based on the socio-statically study of the previous Barcelona population. This allowed him to design a new type of city and he named it as urbanism.
In actual his plan was to support the living and living standards of the Barcelona locals and he wanted to give them a better life style with better living opportunity, though the plan for this expansion will remain historic for many planners, architect and others relating to this field but one thing is for sure that his planning was up to the mark and he knew what he was doing. In general the location of Barcelona is ideal and the plan executed by the Cerda was phenomenal totally based on the socio-economic factors and statistics which allowed him to create a new model for this city.
Barcelona has been re-shaped and re-designed by the geographical location and many other factors such as civil society and political struggle which has been eminent. In the 19th century this city was the industrial hub and was very much active in the trade they trade through the Mediterranean ports. They transported a lot of goods and other stuff from the ports. This industrial revolution not only resulted in the huge urban factors but also brought back all the working class together. This effected on the living conditions of the people because of the ratio of population were increasing day by day so it reduced the standard of living with poor water supply and sewerage system in the city. The average life of the people too decreased for both the wealthy and poor persons.
Cedra’s idea of urbanism developed and organized a theory on the scientific and modern organization of urban form model.His model was unique and worthwatching which included the concepts of epoch’s technology , the latest and modern technique , the ultra magnetic railroad , streetlights , he also included the better sewerage system in his new model which he developed for the expansion of the Barcelona. He worked day in day out and produced various documents and statistics that where he will target the most? How he will start? When the work and how the work will be conducted? These all were the questions which had to be answered but Cedra’s hard work and intelligence paid off at the right time. He always analyzed that how roads will be built, the sanitary infrastructure will take place and other architecture work will be completed. The housing price for the different wages was also the issue but it was secondary issue the primary issues was to built the new infrastructure and develop the city with the plans of expansion and increasing urbanization.
After the Cedra’s plan was approved, the council of the state revised and formulate the plan from any changes or any kind of substantial modification. In the end they modified the plan and rectified some errors which had taken place so it was the combination of plan and some part of it was corrected by the council. After the approval of the expansion plan the real estate became vigilant for the development process and negotiating the price with the layman or the local personnel of the city.
The implementation of the plan was started but it was not as the Cedra was wishing or hoping because he was anticipating that all the local population will be moved or transformed into the new city area. The expansion was about to take place between the old city of Barcelona and the municipalities. Although Barcelona valley was an agricultural area where the marketplace and ports were located. The urban development showed the significant increase in the nineteenth century at that area and it was expected to increase with a good rate.
The above diagrams show the Cedra’s boundry project which he had planned for the expansion
Of the state. The picture below depicts the space which is available for the expansion
Cedra’s Project Boundry built space in 1860

a )Block with housing built on the two sides b) corner squares and octagonal forms source Cedra , 1861 b : Barcelona

And intention of the Cedra who has made this plan.
The second picture depicts the housing scheme and
Residential plans which have been described in the map
This shows that Cedra has done all the hardwork and has shown the commitment in his expansion
Plan. The map further illustrates and defines the
Blockades which has been transformed into
The housing buildings and the corner squats on
Left hand side.
This project was enough at that moment to
Urbanize the rural population into the new city areas and settle their for long-term prospects.

Streets designed by Cerdà
Barcelona city limits Orthogonal blocks fully built Orthogonal blocks partially built
Urban areas outside Cerdà´s expansion
Non-orthogonal blocks within Cerdà´s expansi


The above picture shows the Barcelona’s built environment in 1977.There are many places in the map where the city lights were installed by the Cedra map’s proposal and which in actual helped the grooming and blossoming of the state which resulted in economic prosperity in the Barcelona. In the blocks we can simply see the Cedra’s urban expansion which he did by destroying the walls and expanded the city with the municipality area. The black blocks shows and depicts the Non-orthogonal block in Cedra’s expansion plan. To achieve the results and deliver those plans these things had to be done said the famous historian Cedra who created history by making this city one of the attractive ...
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