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How A Leader Should Interact With Other Members Of The Organisation? (Essay Sample)


the paper talks about positive leadership and talks on how a leader SHOULD interact with other members of the organisation to bring about smooth working ENVIRONMENT.

Positive Leader, Assessment 4 Name of the Student Name of the Professor University name Date The Positive Leader A positive leader focuses on facilitating the best of human conditions. His/her orientation is toward enabling thriving and bourgeoning as much addressing hitches and impediment. Leadership should seek at utilizing and achieving the maximum out of its human resources. The core aim of this paper is to reflect and analyze Job redesign as a major intervention used to increase worker outcomes in a number of organizations all over the globe. To begin with, the supreme aim of work enrichment was to increase the employee’s productivity and creates a right-person job fit. Revising the jobs and duties for them made them more comfortable hence improving their satisfaction levels. This inspired them to work hard hence providing the best output. In the light of this, it also instilled the sense of belongingness in employees by providing employees with a chance to do what they are good at. According to Day et al (2014, p64), leaders growth happens in the setting of constant development. Job enrichment was done through the integration of the management and all the employee’s views of the organization. This was followed by training and orientation to the job. The capacity evaluation was periodically done to monitor the progress and productivities of the employees. This evaluation indicated there was an average of 5.3% increment in the efficiency in the employee’s productivity after the job enrichment. This milestone was primarily achieved through effective utilization of time in the workstations. However, job redesign could have been remarkably effective if it was embraced by all employees in the organization. Two out of every ten employees were uncomfortable with it. This led to the dismal performance and the feeling of increase in the workload to some employees. This negativity could have been avoided by devel...
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