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Legacy Of The Black Panther Organization: Critical Challenges (Essay Sample)


Legacy of the Black Panther Organization

Legacy of the Black Panther Organization Name: Subject: Name of Professor: Date: Introduction The Black Panther Party originally referred to as the Black Panther Party for Self Defense was a the most vibrant known black political revolutionary movement in America, founded in 1966 by two gentlemen, Bobby Saele and Huel Newton. The main aim and objective of the organization was to stiffly arm its members and thereafter challenge police brutality which was rampant in Oakland and California. Moreover, among other goals and visions included: curbing other civil injustices by engaging community social programs as well as offering free breakfast to children and establishing health clinics for secluded black immigrants.[Deburg Van, William L. New Day in Babylon: The Black Power Movement and American Power (1965-1975). (University of Chicago press publishers). p. 155] Competing Legacies of the BPP The main philosophical ideologies that guided the Black Panther Party were: Maoism, Marxism- Leninism, revolutionary socialism, anti- racism, anti- imperialism, anti- fascism and Black Nationalism. Essentially, racism was the main discrimination challenge against the black people who were at the time being denied their citizenship rights after World War II and after they migrated out of the South of California. They urged that in a bid to end the racial discrimination, a strategic mechanism to economically empower the black communities would trigger for a strong movement which would mobilize to numerous member for registrations.[Peniel Joseph Waiting ‘Til the Midnight Hour: A Narrative History of Black Power in America. (2006). Henry Holt Publishers: p. 219] The early problems that plagued the Black Panther Party in Oakland The formation of the group was not as smooth but had critical challenges. As soon as it was instituted, Huey Newton the Party’s principal leader got arrested in October 28, 1967 on murder charges. This was after an encounter with the Oakland police where it was alleged that one policeman had been killed and another bloodily injured. Thereafter, the roles of the other leaders thereby changed.[Murch, Donna . Living For The City: Migration, Education, and the Rise of the Black Panther Party in Oakland, California. University of North Carolina press (2010)] What sort of events that cemented the reputation for violence in the media? The media covered a lot on violence and especially on the said revolution agenda. The primary reason was to feature the cruelty of Americans police officers to the black party members; who would mercilessly kill any black man demonstrator at a glance. In fact, at one time a police officer was shot dead and the media characterized the killings as more of a criminal activity than political revolution event. However, the party’s on its defense quantified that the movement was meant to protect the whole community from police brutal attacks. Unfortunately or otherwise, the media made a publication in the New York Times magazine quoting the movement as notorious, illegal and felonious.[Forbes, Flores A. Will You Die With Me? My Life and the Black Panther Party. Atria Books(2006)] Despite all that disapproval and pessimism, the movement had a positive agenda towards liberation. The revolution continued to act as a medium to seek justice for a black man. Besides, they sought freedom for all the incarcerated black men, fought for employment, decent housing and better education.5 It also engaged in community service to help the fellow blacks with food banks, health clinics, and education outreach a virtue that was considered noble. Dr. Martin Luther King and proponents of non-violence Contrary to the Black Panther Party’s ideologies, Martin Luther King Jr. always advocated for peaceful protests. He did publish a book by the name Stride towards Freedom, which was based on non- violence schema but for the fight for liberation and freedom for blacks. He believed in the Christian doctrines of loving one another even in the struggle for freedom. He...
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