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Cloud Computing IT & Computer Science Essay Research (Essay Sample)


In this sample, the task was to write a six-page essay on different aspects of cloud computing . It included the definition of cloud computing, types and history of cloud computing, its applications in real world and the future trends. Therefore, this sample as provided the definition, types, applications and future trends of cloud computing


Business Strategy
Professor’s name
My choice of sector is the Energy sector. This is because the energy sector is Singapore’s leading supplier of extensive variety of products, services and solutions for power generation, distribution as well as transmission. It is also involved in the production, conversion and transportation of the primary oil, gas and fuels. Furthermore, Singapore has been the globe’s top three oil trading as well as refining centers. The easy entrance to the strategic location and to the sea near the Strait of Malacca has made it easier for Singapore to become one of the major petrochemicals and energy hubs in the world.
According to Quah (2016), the energy sector in Singapore has numerous structural features. Singapore is the biggest refining as well as center in the region although Singapore does not have the oil reserves of its own and therefore depends on the international markets. The import-oriented nature of the sector make refineries more vulnerable to make alters than other refineries in the surrounding countries (Quah, 2016). Quah (2016) further reiterates that the energy sector is well developed in terms of its structures since it has employed both the skilled and unskilled workforce. According to Quah (2016), it is vital to note that Singapore is among the leading oil producers whereby it is ranked 78th in the list of the globe’s oil producing states. Furthermore, the Singapore National Oil Corporation an organization that is owned by the government is in charge of the state’s oil industry and protecting it (Oleynik, 2005). According to Ang (2012), Singapore is operating to explore opportunities in encouraging sustainable growth for the energy sector. The concentration has been to kick-start bio-diesel manufacturing as well as develops the subsequent-generation technological abilities in binding renewable. Influencing its strengths in oil, Singapore is well positioned as the platform in Asia to take advantage of the up-and-coming energy trend (Ang, 2012).

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