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Computer Support and Maintenance IT & Computer Science Essay (Essay Sample)


This essay proposes the different types of devices to be used in the office to a buyer who wants to purchace new computer materials.


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Following your interest in the purchase of digital working material, I have researched and zeroed down to the most performing, cost-effective, and flexible machines suitable for presenting your duties. I have given proposals and specifications for each device you require and provided con and pros together with the adequate analysis of each method and in-depth performance in a spreadsheet. The purpose of this research is to help you in buying the most suitable gadgets for your preferred task that are both fast in execution and friendly to your pocket.
Proposals and Recommendations
In terms of the working stations, my research comes down to two powerful yet pocket-friendly machines for your working purposes, which provide both high-end performance and suit all your needs. The Dell Precision 5820 Tower Workstation and HP Z4 G4 Series Tower Workstation are both a great choice for your daily operations. The Dell workstation costs $2,537.99 while the HP costs $2,920.08 (, 2019). The Dell Precision 5820 Tower Workstation is running on a 3.6 Gigahertz Intel Xeon W-2123 Quad-Core while the HP Z4 G4 Series Tower Workstation runs on 3.6 Gigahertz Intel Xeon W-2133 6-Core processor(, 2019). Although the Dell workstation has an installed capacity of 1.512 terabytes of memory, it is disadvantaged by the Hewlett Packard workstation, which comes installed with 2.512 terabytes of storage, which is a huge significance in terms of data storage capabilities.

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