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The Importance of Cultural Differences for the Global Multi-National Corporation (MNC) (Essay Sample)


the paper required demonstration, through a written argument essay, critical thinking skills with evidence of research and considered analysis of the topic and its implications for a MNC.
In the essay, students must address the following key themes including:
1. Explanations and examples of each of the determinants of culture
2. Cross-cultural literacy and the dimensions of culture
3. Values, Norms, Ethics, Social Mobility
4. The advantages and disadvantages of cultural diversity for the MNC and its level of importance.


The Importance of Cultural Differences for the Global Multi-National Corporation (MNC)
The Importance of Cultural Differences for the Global Multi-National Corporation (MNC)
Executive Summary 
For a long time, globalization has been viewed as an agent that realizes the dreams of the western capitalist. The dream in this case id the creation of a unified market in which cultural differences will not be in existence. This is one of the dreams that may not be able to come true. Conversely, the world has many ways of becoming a global village with cultural particularities coming to the centre of success. Therefore, instead of working to diminish the cultural diversity within MNCs, globalization has nurtured cultural differences.     
Multi-National Corporations have complex human resources that involve people from many countries and cultural backgrounds. These people are defined by linguistic, religious also political backgrounds, which means they are people from different cultural backgrounds (Dunn, Dastoor and Sims 2012). These differences relate to the diversity of cultures around the world. On the other hand, MNC can be viewed as either operating independently as a state to state relations or as an instrument t of foreign policies within which the parent corporations are located. 

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