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Project Management Tools: Trello and Asana (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses two project management tools trello and asana. the tools are essential in helping project managers manage variety of project in the company. it describes advantages and disadvantages of trello and asana on businesses and how project managers use the tools effectively. in addition, the paper discusses cloud computing models, privacy and security for business.


CFPBUS006 - Integrated Professional Skills in the Digital Age
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Trello and Asana are critical project management tools in managing projects technologically. These two collaborating tools have been productive during the pandemic, reducing members' physical contact. Asana tool offers a visual board that displays all project management tasks. The tool organises tasks around the projects for the members. The members will not have to go and organise the tasks physically. The project members will not have to meet physically to separate projects in the list; the tool separates the projects into tasks containing what needs to be completed and when (White et al., 2023).
Through the tool, members will not need to arrange the schedule and prepare the work calendar physically; the tool has a calendar and timeline that enables members to see what needs to be done within the day and coming weeks. Trello is mainly based on the Kanban where an individual member of the project management creates visual board and add tasks that need to get done. It simplifies physical meetings by having a project task card that can be loaded with the information that an individual or the team needs to complete the task. Without meeting physically, the team members can discuss any task in the comment section of the tool. The notification has modified any updates or changes that need to keep the business going in the tool to ensure awareness (Miles, 2022).
Advantages and Disadvantages of Trello and Asana on the business
Trello and Asana, project management tools, play critical roles in supporting the success and stability of the business. When using Trello, it becomes advantageous since it can accommodate any size of team. It is not limited to a number, making it easier for the team members to work on various tasks with no problem. The tool has a high level of flexibility. Using the tool, one can design it based on specific needs. It can be designed and operated for the business to help it achieve its goals and objectives. Its flexibility allows the business to combine various projects and achieve them based on the estimated period (Sendboard, 2023).
All activities in the business should be towards helping the business realise its goals or expand its production. Wasting too much time on training the employees to use a particular tool in the business can be bad for the business's success, but with the Trello tool, the team members do not need much training as they can easily learn how to operate the tool. The technology behind Trello is simple and therefore saves time for most businesses. This tool allows the management to monitor the project's lifecycle from the initial to the final phase, achieved through all the tasks divided for every individual or team member (Oamkumar, 2018).
Trello, as a project management tool, has various disadvantages. Trello has the problem of accessibility when there is no data access. It becomes inconvenient for businesses since it becomes unreliable on some occasions. Trello cannot handle big projects, business with big projects must consider other tools for an effective outcome. Being a good tool that applies Kanban and enables team members to create a visual board to add tasks, it can get damaged if the team members want to handle a big project. Trello has a storage limit, especially on the number of attachments. Each attachment placed in the Trello card has a

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