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Charisma and Transformation in Organizational Leadership Social Essay (Essay Sample)


The implications of Charisma and Transformation leadership ideologies in organizations' Top apex leadership and management


Charisma and Transformation in Top Organization’s Leadership
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Table of Contents TOC \o "1-3" \h \z \u Introduction PAGEREF _Toc61905756 \h 3Charisma PAGEREF _Toc61905757 \h 3Characteristics PAGEREF _Toc61905758 \h 3Advantages PAGEREF _Toc61905759 \h 4Disadvantage PAGEREF _Toc61905760 \h 5Transformational Leadership PAGEREF _Toc61905761 \h 5Characteristics PAGEREF _Toc61905762 \h 5Benefits of Transformational Leadership in Organization PAGEREF _Toc61905763 \h 6Advantages of Applying Transformational Leadership PAGEREF _Toc61905764 \h 7Transformational Leadership Influence PAGEREF _Toc61905765 \h 8Disadvantages of Transformational Leadership PAGEREF _Toc61905766 \h 9Comparison: Transformational Vs Charismatic leaderships PAGEREF _Toc61905767 \h 10Conclusion PAGEREF _Toc61905768 \h 11Referencing PAGEREF _Toc61905769 \h 12
Charisma and Transformation in Top Organization's Leadership
Leadership is an art that involves motivation of a group of individuals to act with an aim of realizing a common goal. In an organizational set-up this can depict direction of colleagues and workers strategically to accomplish the needs of the company (Stuke, 2013). Leadership at the top organization's management is all about charisma and transformation. Charismatic leaders usually attempt to make the status quo better, but transformational leaders aim at the criteria of transforming organizations towards the vision of the leader (Hamad, 2015). Though some theorists have proposed that transformational leadership does not require charisma, the linkage between charisma and transformation is highly advantageous in organizational performance and change. The moment followers possess trust based on their leaders' characters, and it is probable for them to buy into the organization's presented mission. One of the important antecedents for transformation in leaders is credibility. Transformational leadership projects a compelling influence on organizational performance, and in a positive way, charisma moderates the correlation between organizational performance and transformational leadership, hence the need for their comprehension. This retrospective paper seeks to theoretically analyze the relationship of charisma and transformation in the top organization's leadership and its consequences. 
According to Levine et al. (2010), charisma is derived from charismata, a Greek word that depicts a grace gift. Charisma provides a description for qualities of an individual that conventional language cannot project. Charisma elucidates the personal attraction or influential appeal of an individual to others. It is an element that possesses huge capacity and power, which is indorsed to an individual or a character of magnetic individuals or those who lead. Folks who are charismatic vary from the many and hold a strong impress (Jacquart et al., 2016). Various charismatic persons often use their powerful personalities for the well, such as Mahatma Gandhi or malevolently like the case of Adolf Hitler. Charisma often operates and functions as a natural capability. During a communication process, charismatic leaders apply a dramatic or an animated style, exciting followers through the conveyance of energy by such actions as leaning in the audience direction, keeping eye contact, and use of animated expressions (Levine et al., 2010). Using such cues, leaders present confidence and power. Charismatically speaking, leaders demonstrate features such as, comfortable and at ease, delivering messages that appeal, pleasant, and transmits motivation. For example, the articulation of President Reagan’s political vision charmed his followers from the ways it was enunciated. In the 20th century Reagan along with John F. Kennedy and Teddy Roosevelt are recognized as the most charismatic US presidents.

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