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Sustainability and International Development Aid Social Sciences Essay (Essay Sample)


You need to write Position Pieces of a length of 700-words each (+/-10%), counting towards 10% of the final mark of the module. In Position Piece #3 you have to defend your position on the sustainability of international development aid, expressing your position towards the following statement: “Sustainable Development Goals are the key global program for eradication of poverty and underdevelopment”.
The Position Piece should be structured into the following parts:
1. Introduction
a. Identification of issue
b. Statement of the position
2. Body of the text
a. Background information
b. Supporting evidence and arguments
c. Discussion of both sides of the issue
3. Conclusion
a. Summary of main concepts and ideas
b. Reinforcing the statement of the position
The Position Piece should take a strong, well-defined position. Counter-arguments should be effectively addressed, without undercutting the student’s position. The structure of the Position Piece should be clear and easy to follow. Moreover, the Position Piece should follow the guidance provided by the module leader for these assignments. Paragraph transitions should be logical and should maintain the flow of thought throughout the paper. The conclusion should be logical and flow from the body of the paper.


by (Name)
Professor’s Name
Sustainability and International Development Aid
Sustainability of international development aid focuses on the transfer of goods and services from either an international organization or a developed country to another country in favor of the population interests. The aids delivered by development aid include economic, emergence, and social issues such as military, and humanitarian services. The main issue targeted by this article is the fact that sustainable development goals mark the crucial global program towards eradicating poverty and underdevelopment to the less developed nation. While some political references counterclaims over these responsibilities, this article will give a discussion concentrating on both side of the matter to reveal the crucial roles of international development aid. Generally, this paper will support the fact that this body is a significant path towards eradicating poverty and underdevelopment for the benefiting nations.
The fact that the developing nations face a wide range of domestic issues counting from political to social-economic calls for the aid body to include various measure towards alleviating these issues. The common tasks of this body include trading, migration control, environmental issues, security, and fathering of beneficial technology approaches (Ellmen, 2020). The development aid also funds the less privileged nations with social programs such as improved access to drinking water, schools, hospitals, housing, and healthcare. The following is a description of the supportive evidence and argument over the main issues with a discussion of both sides of the matter as reflected by various evidence.

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