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Understanding the Australian Curriculum to Cultural Awareness (Essay Sample)


In this essay, I wrote a speech in response to the topic of why and how the australian curriculum can be more culturally bound. The purpose of the essay was to reflect on the ontologies and epistemologies that underpin curriculum design. I evaluate how knowledge and learning are produced through the school curriculum.


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Australian Curriculum Cultural Awareness
Change is not easy, and dismantling colonial values reinforced by institutional curriculum designs is an incredibly daunting task. However, change can occur when the Australian curriculum incorporates a more modern idea for teachers and students to enhance aboriginal content quality. A curriculum comprises ontological and epistemological aspects. Ontology concerns realities of the world through which people can acquire knowledge, whereas epistemology concerns the methods, validity, and scope of acquiring knowledge. UCL (University College London) students, in a 20-minute video, point out that institutional curriculum is dominated by "white" ideas that seem invisible to many, including philosophers.

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