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Hershey Foods Analysis Accounting, Finance, SPSS Essay (Essay Sample)


This sample is a financial analysis of Hershey Foods company.


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Hershey Foods Analysis
Hershey Foods is one of the most successful confectionary firms around the globe. The company started in 1927 and has at least 18,000 workers across the world (Koonar 339). A marketing strategy enables companies to achieve set business goals and meet customers' needs or demands. The 4Ps marketing mix is a commonly used framework that consists of product, price, promotion, and place to expand the consumer market. Hershey utilizes the 4Ps marketing strategy to optimize its marketing to attain the desired results.
Hershey Foods provides its clients with different products to suit their needs and preferences. The firm has around 80 brands consisting of candies, chocolates, ice creams, and drinks (Koonar 340). The most popular brands include jolly ranchers and ice breakers, which contribute over seven billion dollars of the annual generated revenue (Koonar 339). Hershey avails their products in different shapes and sizes, which are innovatively designed to appeal to the customers. Hershey positions its products as tasty and healthy to be consumed by growing kids, which has enabled the company to experience continuous growth. Over the years, the firm expanded its snacks to other categories such as pasta, popcorns, and baked puffs. The organization has gluten-free products with minimal calories for people who prefer to eat healthy foods due to their lifestyle or health condition. This differentiates its product from the competitors hence has a competitive advantage.

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