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Analyzing the Connection of "Memento" Film to Synergistically (Essay Sample)


Discuss the ways in which Christopher Nolan’s film Memento blends form and content synergistically. Some questions to address are: how is the film’s plot structured, and why? How does this narrative structure underscore the larger commentary that Nolan is making about a variety of topics: memory, society, violence, capitalism, cinema? Make sure to use specific examples from the film to explain how it comments on all of these notions.


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The film “Memento” is considered by many as one of the best narrative that illustrated self-deception. The film director, Christopher Nolan, synergistically blends content and form in different scenes involving the main character, Guy Pearce acting as Leonard Shelby. The director structured the plot in a reverse chronological manner. The narrative’s structured helped to elaborate the following notions: violence, memory, capitalism, society, and cinema.

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