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Character Evolution : Anna Karenina (Essay Sample)


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Character Evolution
Anna Karenina is a novel written by Russian author Leo Tolstoy and published in 1878. It is often regarded as the finest piece of literature ever published, and it was Tolstoy's first genuine novel. In The Anna Karenina novel by Leo Tolstoy, Anna Arkadyevna Karenina begins as beautiful lady passionate with matters on relationships but she is carried away in the process and breaks her own principles.
This remark regarding Anna's excellent looks is actually crucial to her character development. She was a fat, ugly, and unpleasant lady in Tolstoy's earliest versions of Anna Karenina. Tolstoy first aimed at making sure that his audience ethically supported Karenin over Anna. Even so, Tolstoy was authoring in opposition to independent thinkers and progressives in Russia at the end of the 19th century that campaigned for the abolition of traditional institutions such as marriages.
Anna and Children
Anna is shown as a capable person who can assist with relationship issues throughout the first half of the story. After Stiva's infidelity, she pays a visit to the Oblonskys and attempts to restore their marriage. She is endearing to children at first, but her perspective toward them gradually changes. Kids are seen crawling all over her, clamoring for her care. After Anna encounters and finds love with Vronsky, it is nearly as though the Oblonsky children have turned into sin-sniffing bloodhounds. They immediately see that everything regarding her had altered, that she is concerned with something else. As she departs Dolly's house, these youngsters quit adoring her and do not bother. Dolly's children's coldness is the first clear indication that Anna's character is being influenced by her unfaithful ideas. Anna seems to be no more the same innocent person she was once, as seen by Dolly's kid's reactions. Anna has another baby girl, but her feelings for children have completely altered by this point, and she has no feelings for her child. After Anna informs Dolly that she does not want any more children, she only indicates how she has transforms from a lady with a soft heart for children to a lady who does not even want to play with kids. In fact, Anna decides to guarantee that she would be unable to have another child following the traumatic birth of Annie.
Anna Relationships
Ann becomes embroiled in love affairs and is unable to restrain herself when it comes to issues of love, despite the fact that she is one person who can provide marriage counsel. Seryozha, her spouse, is still her favorite, but she knows she can't stay with him any longer. Anna has transformed far too much that she wou

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