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The Film 'Us' by Jordan Peele, A Reflection of the Current Society (Essay Sample)


This was a critical thinking movie review relating it to the present society. The Film "US" by Jordan Peele was about two identical black families, one living on the surface while the other below the surface shadowing the actions of the former. for example, red ( shadow Adelaide) mentioned that she is only married to her husband because he is Adelaide's husband's doppelganger. Again she mentions her gruesome cesarean birth to pluto to mirror Adelaide's birth on the surface. The movie depicts the classism that exists in society and how material possessions define class and prestige, as was the case between shadow ( have-nots) and the surface people who had the privilege of sunshine while the former lived devoid of light. Further, the mirror walls under the surface reflecting various exit signs, but with no real exit, show the struggle of the underprivileged to change their situation. However, there is a system in place designed to keep the status quo as is , hence symbolic mirror walls. Further, the movie shows the delicate nature of classism that once prestige is lost, one is lost to the shadow, as was the case with the young Adelaide ( now red), who got lost in the shadow and was replaced by the shadow Adelaide who went through voice classes and was fully integrated to the society of the privileged while the real Adelaide was forgotten even by her own parents. similarly, the shadow people finally break free at the end of the Film, killing the surface people and taking their place in the sun. The film is a reflection of the present struggle for resources in society, the rich amass all the wealth to remain rich backed by a system preventing the poor from accessing the resources thus the poor remain poor.


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The Film "Us" a Reflection of the Current Society
The Film Us by Jordan Peele is about a secret underground people called shadow people who are doppelgangers to surface people, mirroring their lives underground. The shadow people come to the fore in the film when the summer vacation of the Wilsons, the main character's family, turns into a nightmare. The Wilsons, a black family of four, are besieged by the doppelganger family of four, also black, who suddenly appear outside their vacation home.
The encounter with an evil dead ringer family gives new meaning to the often misquoted phrase by Oliver Hazards "We have met the enemy, and he is us." (Jeffries 1). It's on this misquoted phrase that the film is based, highlighting the societal repudiation of the existence of class division based on race, nationality, ethnicity, social class, or even education. The social class divisions result in resource inequity and social injustices in pursuit of privilege for a select few. Critical thinking when analyzing the film exposes otherness and an inegalitarian structuring of our society that leads to class division, inequitable resource distribution hence oppression of the poor. The film's depiction of otherness exposing the monstrosity in "Us" lends the film's name.

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