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Video review of Hugh Masekela-Estival Jazz. Visual & Performing (Essay Sample)


the task involved reviewing the live video by Hugh Masekela-Estival Jazz and and evaluating his performance styles.


Hugh Masekela-Estival Jazz
I watched the Hugh Masekela-Estival Jazz show in Lugano. The show was fascinating with the great jazz moves and beats from the band and Masekela. The night show was all lit with a myriad of presentations from the band. Interesting aspects were evident, and the prowess of Masekela was unmatched. His blowing of the trumpet was mind-boggling. Masekela’s concentration while blowing the trumpet is one aspect that I liked most through the entire performance. His abilities to maintain the key and the tune for such as long-time were an amazing tying. He surpassed my expectations as he made the one and a half hours of live performance. The perseverance, quality, and coordination of his band and trumpet brought a mix of what everyone expected.
The live performance was also dominated by some beautiful dancing moves by Masekela. Through his age, he was able to strike some beautiful moves which came in handy, especially during the changing of tunes. A lot of energy seemed to be spent on the floor, but his ease of blowing the trumpet and dancing were all amazing. 

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