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Identifying the Central Theme in "V for Vendetta" Film (Essay Sample)


this paper discussed the central Theme in the Movie V for Vendetta


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The Main Theme in the Movie V for Vendetta
The movie V for Vendetta that James McTeigue directed focuses on a broad range of themes related to politics, governance, and freedom. However, the central theme of the statement the movie puts across is politics. Politics forms the core of the film as the main character struggles to lead rebels in a revolution that would change the political environment in the country. The main opposing political viewpoints of ideologies in the film are Fascism and Anarchism. The British government in the year 2025 represents the fascist ideology, while V, who is the film's protagonist, represents anarchism (Booker 29). Fascism refers to a political ideology that focuses on one influential leader with the power and authority to control almost everything under him. The leader is often revered and feared by his subordinates and his constituents (Keller 31). In this kind of political environment, the fascist leader rules through force and fear to enforce his core agenda. On the contrary, anarchism advocates for self-rule (Keller, 23). This implies that everyone can govern themselves since there is no common standard or cohesive principle that binds all the people together. The conflict between these two political viewpoints is evident throughout the film.
The British government is led by a fascist party, the Norsefire party, which enforces its fascist ideologies. The political leadership has turned the country into a police state, with many opposition members exterminated in various concentration camps around the country (Booker 37). The unfair and inhumane treatment of the government’s opponents was meant to instill fear in the people who disrespect the leadership. The government also enforces xenophobic policies that have resulted in the detention of foreigners, Muslims, homosexuals, and other individuals deemed unwanted in British society (Williams 17). The government also ruled through fear-mongering through mass media, strict government surveillance, and increased torture. The wider society is also rotten as a result of the weak leadership. Consequently, there are instances of massive corruption and religious hypocrisy that characterize relations among the people.

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