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Joan Tower Visual & Performing Arts Essay Research (Essay Sample)


The paper discusses the life of Joan tower. from her birth to the her success.


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Joan Tower
Joan tower was born in 1938 in New Rochelle. She eventually spent her early life in South America, a place where her father was an engineer. Her father always supported her. He provided piano to her as she was in South America. He also provided a teacher for her daughter. She was a dedicated performer and composer.
Joan tower attended Bennington college after returning to the US. She later studied at the University of Columbia University, where she received her DMA and MA degrees (Joan). Her chamber music was composed of several instruments; violin, clarinet, and three solo pieces for flute. These songs were an inspiration to other music composers and listeners at large. Her Orchestral work, “sequoia” gave her achievements to great heights (Joan). The music illustrates the balance in the man's livelihood.

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