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The popularity of Latin music globally Visual & Performing Arts Essay (Essay Sample)


The Worldwide Popularity of Latin Music in contemporary times.


The Worldwide Popularity of Latin Music
In recent years, Latin culture has increasingly become popular. In particular, Latin music has enjoyed the benefits that come with globalization, which can be used to involve increased transnational interconnectedness as well as integration. According to Karush (3), musicians are actively involved in the globalization process in which they develop their unique styles through engagements with musical genres and elements circulating trans-nationally. The procedure via which Latin music has gained popularity follows a renowned route whereby engagement with the global is significant. Even as fans enjoy entertainment culture including dancing salsa and Machito tunes, Latin music has soared in popularity the world over driven by globalization.
The entertainment culture has emerged as increasingly important in the current global market. Latin music represents perhaps the biggest share of the international entertainment market. More so, its popularity is evidenced by the fact salsa dance, and other Latin music components are common around the world. Kabir (264) states that Latin culture including music emerged from multiple ruptures as well as conjunctions such as Spanish colonialism, slavery, and pan-Hispano-American movement of people making salsa to become internationalized via circuits connecting global south and north. In her work Salsa, Language and Transnationalism, Schneider (39) observes that salsa is a worldwide phenomenon in the 21st century because practitioners are found in places ranging from Tokyo through Dakar. Salsa dance is distributed virtually everywhere popular culture is adopted, appropriated, as well as enjoyed. Kabir (263) adds that in places such as Japan artists claim salsa has no frontiers, and thus evidencing its transnational nature and global popularity.

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