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The Effects of the Changes in Menstrual Length before Menopause (Essay Sample)


This task required the performance of a research on an article that describes a currnt scientific story or discovery, then write a summary of the article.
The paper was supposed to include THE FOLLOWING:
-a Short summary of the article-no longer than 2 paragraphs.
-The significance of the research.
-A personal reaction to the article.
-A full citation of the article.


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Changes in Menstrual Cycle length before Menopause may Predict Risk of Heart Disease
Women experience a variety of changes during the menopause transition period. The study by El Khoudary et al focuses on the menstrual changes that occur during the menopause transition period, in relation to the likelihood of cardiovascular disease development after midlife. According to the researchers, cardiovascular disease is a leading cause of death in women, and the risk increases after menopause, which prompted the research, to determine the co-relation between menopause and cardiovascular disease development.
During the menopause transition, some women experience longer cycles, two to five years before the end of menstruation. On the other hand, some women continue to experience their regular cycles. According to the data collected in the research, women who experience longer cycles during the transition period are less likely to develop cardiovascular disease as compared to the other group. Measures of artery hardness and thickness were used to predict the predisposition to cardiovascular disease, whereby the participants with stable cycles had unfavorable measures in comparison to those whose cycle increased in the menopause transition period.

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