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The high-fructose corn syrup in food industry (Essay Sample)

This is a sample essay discussing high-fructose corn syrup (HFCS), its potential negative effects on human health, and the reasons for its continued use. The essay presents the perspective of companies that oppose limiting the use of HFCS and explores potential solutions to minimize the risks associated with it source..
Ben [Instructor's Name] [Course Number] 22 September 2023 The high-fructose corn syrup in food industry High-fructose corn syrup (HFCS) is a common added sugar used extensively in the food industry, but its consumption has been linked to various adverse effects on human health. Despite these associations with chronic diseases, it appears that food companies are reluctant to eliminate HFCS from their products. First of all, HFCS is not as dangerous. In fact, companies assert that no significant association has been found between HFCS and chronic diseases. There are also some studies that support the absence of any such association. Additionally, HFCS is similar to sucrose and follows normal digestion pathways in the human body. Lastly, there have been no serious governmental efforts against HFCS, further supporting the claims about its safety. Thus, HFCS cannot be considered harmful. Furthermore, food companies cannot abandon HFCS. Firstly, HFCS is easy to use, making it a preferable component for the food industry. Additionally, HFCS is used to add flavors to various beverages, which is highly important for the industry. Furthermore, HFCS is employed to provide structure and acts as a preservative. Therefore, for food companies, HFCS is irreplaceable. However, people should be aware of the dangers associated with HFCS. Firstly, people should acknowledge that the problem lies in the amount of consumed HFCS. Secondly, individuals should make an effort to seek alternatives with natural sugars. Furthermore, governments and civil organizations should raise awareness among people. All in all, the risks of HFCS can be avoided. In conclusion, food companies do not plan to cease the use of HFCS because there is a lack of evidence linking it to chronic diseases, and because HFCS serves as an efficient food component. Therefore, governments and civil organizations should work to raise awareness about the risks of HFCS and how to avoid its excessive consumption. Works ...
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