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Employee Training. Business & Marketing Assignment. (Essay Sample)


the task involves discussion questions
the discussion questions address the following issues:- the connection between performance management system and training, the effects of compensation package, legally required benefits, how could christian perspectives prevent an employee from performing their required duties, equal employment opportunity (eeo) and affirmative action (Aa).


Student’s Name:
1 The connection of performance management system to training and development strategies and compensation strategies
A performance management system has a role in ensuring that organisational objectives have been met by the employee. For the employee to perform optimally, there is a need for the prerequisite skills and competencies. The human resources department has to avail competent employees through hiring as well as training and development. While on the job the employee may come across some challenges in the present as well as in the future, problems which should be addressed. To equip the employee, the organisation may need to conduct seminars, workshops as well as the use of videos and job aids which will improve on the performance of the employee as they pick up the needed skills. The training and development department while analysing the performance of employees can pick up their performance gaps. Those gaps once identified need to be addressed appropriately ending up in improved performance of the employee (Cascio, 2018).

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