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Facebook Profile and Job Search (Essay Sample)


The task was about relationship between facebook profile and job search. The sample paper analyzes the effects of facebook and job search, with emphasis on character and online opinion on issues touching the company\'s well-being by an applicant.

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Facebook Profile and Job Search
Recent developments in the labor market has shown employers determination to incorporate social behavior as a principle in hiring new employees. Social media has come out as the medium to realize this desire in these times of “social media take-over”. Details such as one’s Facebook profile, or what one tweets have been apparently attributed to building an image of a potential employee. New research shows that it is not what one updates on social sites like Facebook, or what profile they create, that makes them considered for job positions. After all, not almost everyone is on these sites including the employers themselves. This research is however quite very disputable because the number of employers that still think that profiles and job performance are related is high; 93% of hirers to be precise.
Authors such as Phillip Roth and Van Iddekinge disagree with this criterion of using social media to forecast an individual’s behavior in a wo...
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