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Work Place Bullying (Essay Sample)


I want you to write a Reading Reaction Essay regarding the article Workplace Bullying. What It Is and What To Do About It. Please don�t tell me what the article says. I want to know what you think about what the article says. As you write about you reaction to the article include the following: Was the read worthwhile � why? Would you share it at work � why? Would you recommend it to your team leaders? Why? What concepts are key to the article. How would you apply these concepts in the real business world?


Workplace bullying affects the social life of a worker, job performance, family ties, and organization’s productivity negative. Bullying is high in women compared to men. As a result, women perform poorly in work places than men. Anti-bully policies can be effective in reducing the number of cases. Bullying from top managers can be worse because they can influence the anti-bully policies in the organizations to their advantage. In such cases, independent bodies and states anti-discrimination laws can be applied. The article by Sepler "Workplace Bullying: What It Is and What To Do About It" is useful to understand bullying and effective interventions to curb it (Sepler, 2010). The article by Sepler is worth reading, useful to team leaders and applicable in the real world to identify bully and solve it.
Workplace bully refers to verbal abuse and non-verbal abuse through, criticism, and embarrassment such as sarcasm, unwarranted segregation from work interrelated activities, psychological harassment, giving impossible assignments to employees, and exchanging duty rosters with an aim of creating inconveniencies. The article by Sepler is worth reading because it enlightens the reader on the dimensions of bully, identification, and prevention methods. Bullying causes mental and psychological co...
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